Regular Services

Galaxy Medical Clinic accepts walk-in patients since we understand that illness and injury can happen without notice, although, we do encourage booking an appointment in advance whenever possible.

Our physicians provide knowledgeable, considerate, and respectful individualized treatment for all of our patients.

Our physicians take the time to discuss and listen to the medical health concerns of our senior patients to ensure optimal health treatment.

Galaxy Medical Clinic provides the annual flu shot and can administer prescribed injections by walk-in or appointment.

Our physicians have access to a network of specialists that will work with our doctors to meet your healthcare needs.

Our physicians provide knowledgeable and empathetic diagnosis and treatment of disorders and mental health concerns with a network of specialists to collaborate in continuing care.

Some of the minor surgeries performed in clinic include skin tags, warts, cryo treatment, abscesses, ingrown toenails, sebaceous cysts, and some biopsies. The physicians are are equipped to tend to wounds, stitches, staples, and dressings.

Our clinic is able to process medical billing for refugees.